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It’s been an experience worth reminiscing and it has given me way more than I asked for. It’s given me respect with AIR4 in NIFT and The teachers are super cool and a family now….
Best place for the design aspirants…..
And one of the best experience of my life….
Teachers here always guided me in right direction….. today m in nift delhi all bcuz of DESIZN CIRCLE…..m living my dream




5 stars? Definitely not enough for the place you call home, the teachers you call family
A creative mind needs freedom, but the one which needs to apply for competitive exams needs discipline. DC is the perfect combination of the two as we were never really bound by TOO MANY rules and regulations, giving us tention free atmosphere, but then there was also continuous guidance to not let us off track. 😀

An year and a half back i got introduced to the Desizn Circle family, and by the word “family” I actually mean FAMILY..!!
This family had faith in me
This family made me walk on the right track
This family scolded me also and gave me chocolate after that �
This family made me realise my own capabilities



Whatever good i’ve achieved in life is all because of one person who always believed that I had the skill and the calibre to do something in life and that is My mentor, My friend , My guru, My elder brother- Mr.Sumit Saurabh .
I still remember crying almost everyday after the maths class, telling or I would say rather yelling at gaurav sir “Sir, yeh nahi ho paiga! Yeh topic bht mushkil hain” and still he made me study all the topics and believe me he repeated a question 10 times just so that we all could understand. Hats off to you sir for being patient every time I said “Sir yeh valla question phirse samjhana” ��

Oh then how can i forget Sumit sir’s favourite line “Aise hi mehnat karte raho and you will be in NIFT, Delhi”
I remember going to sir’s office to show him my work and he used to ask “Yeh sahi mein tumne bnaya hai?” And I used to say “Arey 100% sir!” Then he used to pick up his pen and write BRILLIANT on my sheet and used to give me
full marks saying “Aaj jao mazze karo, chutti mnao”
And I used to be so happy that i used to go to Aniket sir flaunting my full marks and he used to say “beta yeh tumhe khush karne ke liye tha..pardne baith jao, time bht kum hain” �
Never appreciated my full marks, I tell you ��

And yes ofcourse my elder sister Ms. Ankita kochhar tough me how to handle stress and dress up like a pro everyday �
One of the most beautiful creations of god
A person who can be sweet to you if she likes you and can scare the hell out of the person if the other person is wrong
A quality which every women should have
I thankyou for teaching me how to say ‘NO’ to people

I dont have enough words to thank the whole Desizn Circle family for letting me choose the right track when I was not even on a track !!


Hardly an adult, you are thrusted into this huge competition. Hundreds of seats & thousands of competitor. You cannot help but feel that your selection is in destiny’s hands. However, that is not the case at Desizn Circle. The rigorous course that you go through gives you an excellent idea about the forthcoming entrance exams. Apart from opening your mind to new answers & possibilities, it removes the nervousness you have. One is given freedom to breakaway from the conventional ways of answering the questions.

The vide range of faculty present at DC, each having a different way of teaching, builds confidence in you. At the same time, they are not merely your teachers, they are also the people who you have a laugh with during your ‘tea breaks’. The mentor, Sumit Saurabh is the best teacher you could ask for. He knows exactly when to be strict & when to not (which is mostly). In no time you’ll find yourself cracking jokes & playing pranks alongside him!

‘Creativity’ cannot be taught, similarly DC just wakes the creative side of you. After a given period of time, you’d be surprised how far you have come from what you were when you entered that door. Which is one thing I’m glad I have done. Yes, walk through that door and you’ll realise for yourself what I’m talking about.

There is one HUGE flaw though – Once you get accepted into your desired institute, you’d be heartbroken thinking your course at DC is over. Sigh…





I came to Desizn Circle immensely nervous and extremely clueless as to what to expect in the NIFT situation test, which at the time was merely two weeks away, but Sumit Sir’s excellent tips, constructive feedback and encouraging attitude instilled in me the confidence to do well. And with just a few sessions at DC I was able to achieve a good rank and get New Delhi as a centre!

Sumit Sir also patiently helped me develop my application to Srishti School of Art and Design (Bangalore), asking me questions regarding my art and portfolio, making sure I was thoroughly prepared for my interview.

But the help from DC didn’t just stop there! Through DC, I got in touch with many of my seniors from NIFT, who not only made me feel welcome in the new environment, but also helped me through the obstacles that I faced in work and time management.

Even now, DC isn’t just another coaching centre which you forget about after a year of college. It’s a community, a support network of people who have been through the same things as you’re going through now, people who care.


            Srishti Mehrotra

           NIFT NEW DELHI

Before coming to Desizn Circle i was just one of those aspiring students who wanted to get into only and only Nift Delhi. People laughed at me and told me that it was just a pile of wishful thinking and i must keep some backup because lets face it  is one of the toughest institutes to acquire a seat at.

The director of Desizn Circle, Mr. Sumit Saurabh reassured me each time i lost hope and gaurenteed that i would make it. The question is that was i actually that good to get into an institute like that? i mean just look at the level competition! But this place trains and drills you in such way that i myself was awestruck at my progress in design.

They changed my thought process, refined my skills and made my weaknesses my strength. design circle wasn’t just a boring art class or training institute for me,the teachers here created an aura of comfort for all the students, this place was home and will always be.

 Savleen Bindra 



Whether it was the tensed moments before sending an application or the happiness of securing admission for a prestigious institute like NIFT, the entire team of Desizn Circle has been a support all through. Owing to their efforts, I got through couple of Fashion Management College and chose NIFT (Master of Fashion Management) as my ultimate Destination. A very useful and productive two months, teaching was really great. Learning and clarifying doubts has boosted my confidence. I feel better about myself. I would like to thank all my guiding Forces (mentors) for their support and motivation.

It was a great experience with the most wonderful and experienced Persons from the Fashion. SumitSaurabh, was a great support and inspiration .He is down to earth and very practical in his approach.

The teachers understand the student very well and model their teaching to meet the personal requirements. Friendly and approachable teachers helped in me bring out the deepest of my doubts.
It was a wonderful experience. A large number of tests of varying lengths and interesting questions made me thoroughly enjoy the programme. The feed back and the training for good presentation is very helpful. . Thank you for Grooming me and for your kind support till date.



MFM (Master of Fashion Management )

NIFT -Patna

I remember the day when I first went to Desizn Circle. I was walking through the Hauz Khas village and struggling with lots of questions in my mind like “What am i going to do with my life?, Can i do it or not?, Am i on the right track?” . And when I opened the door of my upcoming birth place of talents(I didn’t know that it is going to be…), I was totally messed up in my mind. I was confused should I go inside or not?. But then with my galloping heart I entered the house and my journey started. I still remember the first question Sumit sir gave me with his bindaas attitude and when I solved it I was appreciated by him and one of my best friends sitting next to me. After that moment I was shouting like a Tarzan inside my mind that ‘I can do it’ :). Sumit sir is the best teacher I have ever met. He will teach you like a elder brother and treat you like a best friend. You will never feel that you are studying in a coaching center. With Desizn Circle time flew so fast with all the masti and restless nights(don’t forget the masti :P) that one day you will get a news that you have cleared all the exams u have applied for designing. and after that you’ll be like ‘Saareeeeyyy…!!!:O’. And yes if you join DC you will meet with the real “YOU” and I bet that one day you will say ‘I didn’t know that I can do this’. You can forget your every relation but can never forget DC and yes off course the maibaap Sumit Saurabh.
Sumit bhaiya, thanx a ton for giving me the right track… 🙂
I found my way now its your turn…

Shivam Gupta 

NIFT Mumbai

Words can’t even express how much I learnt here! Desizn Circle really gave me a grand introduction to the Design. The way u teach, the friendships you bond and the drive you develop is priceless!! I found myself making more and more time to study because I was enjoying it, not because I HAD to do it.

You also motivate students to take their design work seriously. “Learn to do the simple things perfectly” still . I trust you because I know you have experienced this profession from the inside out and you have risen above the majority. As a non-design background I enjoyed attending your school and I learned so much, but one of the most special things I took away was your friendship. You made me feel like and old friend. I felt I had worth. I know I can call on you if I need some advice. I cherish your friendship and will forever keep you in high esteem.

This course inspired me to practice the principles learnt daily and prepared me for NID studio test and Interview. So take my advice…If you have always wanted to take a course in top design school, take this opportunity and spend a little time to discover the possibilities when one thinks outside of the box, or satisfies the curiosity one has for a hobby that could become a career change.



Today, I can proudly say that I have been selected in PEARL ACADEMY OF FASHION,DELHI and all this would not have been possible without all the help I got from Desizn Circle.I came as a blank paper but Desizn Circle filled me with knowledge,creativity & confidence. The words are not enough to describe the wonderful method of training taken by Desizn Circle . It provide proper guidance to students. individual attention is given to every candidate which boost up moral value and confidence of the candidate. It’s  a great pleasure to be a part of Desizn Circle to enhance my creativity & self confidence to fly up high in the sky with the beautiful colors of life.

 Yuganshi Dhingra


Desizn Circle came to me through an acquaintance’s advice. Surprisingly, I was one of the disillusioned few for whom NIFT was never the planned college in life.. After I got thru the first phase I needed someone to guide me through the next round .. I might be Desizn Circle’s only student to have attended it for mere 5-6 days but its also true ,that I owe major part of my rank to the guidance I got there…Dezign Circle is the perfect blend tht someone would need .. With the beneficial overview of design provided by Manish Sir , Desizn Circle’s guidance would be incomplete without the knowledge imparted by Sumit Sir regarding the intricacies of concepts and material exploration.Desizn Circle helped a Science Background amateur like me in mere 5 days to get through the Situation, something that people prepare for ,for months on end ! I’m sure it’s gonna go a long way in helping others as well… Go ahead and hone your capabilities, something that Desizn Circle effectively does.. ! coz more than creativity ..the entrance looks at the minor detailing that Desizn Circle effectively delivers… n yeah.. trust me its undooubtedly fun!

Nupur Maheshwari


My experience in Desizn Circle has been great.. I got to learn alot.. Even after joinig the classes for a few months, they were able to enhance my creative thinking and artistic skills.. The pattern of teaching is very different from the rest, since the atmosphere in the class is quite friendly and the student-teacher interaction is fun..I personally feel that these classes are really beneficial.. I am really thankful as these classes have helped me to get admission in NIFT.

Raunika Yadav


Now that i have got the opportunity to express my gratitude to this institution “Desizn Circle”, i would really like to thank Sumit sir, Jasleen ma’am and Manish sir to help me make my dream come true ! I took this coaching for the situation test of NIFT and within a short duration I was able to make 3-d models with new concepts, ideas and designs. They helped me get oriented to this design field in the most efficient way. It has practically enhanced my creativity. Today i’m in NIFT, Hyderabad and i’m glad to have made it here. I would really recommend anybody who dreams to be in NID/NIFT to join this prestigious institute.



‘Courage doesnt mean the abscence of fear, but rather the capacity of not being paralysed by it.’ this the quote i used to keep telling myself when i thought i was about to lose. But after struggling for a year, continuously working hard and not giving up hope here i stand today with both marks and my dream college Nift. I thank Design Circle for making my Nift dream come true, because they provided me with an extra edge where i would not have found anywhere else. They are like the ray of light  for a person stuck in a tunnel.

Meher Jaitly


17th december was the first day ,when i climed up stairs to the 2nd floor and knocked the door of DESIZN CIRCLE. i was amazed by the sincerity , hardwork  (and the side by side masti). thinking by lines ,sketches was mainly taught . SUMIT SUARABH SIR repeatedly taught us and inspired too , to generate ideas , not by sitting and thinking but by executing the minds. each day something new and adventurous was done along with all the fun and , cracking jokes and PJ’s in the class.daily assignments were given to us either to observe our surroundings or get into the nearby shops and taking inspiration and ideas. clicking pictures of home and studying perspective , looking articles reading newspaper’s for vocabulary , all the things had so much fun  it seemed as if the college life haas already started for us. Biggest achievement i have ever made , is getting through nift and all credit goes to my sir SUMIT SAURABH , MANISH SIR and JASLEEN MA’AM. they made my weakest point as the most strongest i.e. poster designing. i was really affraid to make posters it was as if , some one told me to speak or talk in FRENCH, i was that horrible in making posters . But when i told my prob to sir and the amount of thinking skills and practice he got into me is appreciable. Today i am in NIFT DELHI because of him and i thank god that i came here . RANK 30 i can never think that i could have ever achieved without joining DESIZN circle.

Palaash Chaudhary


My experience at DESIZN CIRCLE has been amazing,totally inexplicable. It was worth the journey. I’ve had all my ups and downs here,and the best part is that when you are over with this course, you are a new “polished” diamond. It has an ability to make even a dumb person creative. I would be wrong if i say that they prepare you only for design institutes, they prepare you for your life further and much more. It’s not a centre, it’s a pilgrimage. You’d want to do your design courses which you are preparing here only.

That’s DESIZN CIRCLE is all about. They say, “For a creative thought, you should never go for your first thought.”

But, don’t think again for this one..JOIN IT. 🙂

Otherwise you will always regret this “worth it” journey.

Ekta Bhasin


DESIZN CIRCLE is d most wonderful thing happened in my life…n its ol cos of sumit sir , manish sir n jasleeen di dat m here in NIFT delhi… my dream to be a part of NIFT is now a reality cos of continuous guidance , immense support n motivation of faculty of DESIZN CIRCLE who were olways dere in my hard times…desizn circle is d only institute which gives a MIDAS TOUCH to ones life….i will never let any moment of life to swap my time spent in DESIZN CIRCLE…desizn circle gave me a lifetime precious memories, n friends n teachers who r always dere in ups downs of my life…m thankful to desizn circle for everything it gave to my life…

Mahak Manchanda






Mrs.Madhu Keswani 

(Mother , Kajal Keswani ,NIFT Bopal)

A professional design training institute,a second home and a start to my life in the field of design is how I would describe Desizn circle. A place where learning was the first priority and having fun the second one. A place which was so student friendly that they would look forward to another day in the institute.

I joined Desizn Circle in December of ’11 and continued till April’12 for the preperation of the NID and NIFT entrances.

Having a passion for the line,I joined this institute and realised all the student studying with me were equally passionate about it. The enthusiasm they all had for the line was one to wow upon. We all gave our best and this competitive environment motivated all of us to do better than the others which in return improved our design skill majorly.

Just waiting for that one of Sumit Sir’s dialogues ‘you’ll clear NID if you continue like this’ made our day and we worked harder.

Now,the best part about Desizn Circle,I never ever felt like I’m in an institute where there are so many ‘if s’ and ‘no s’. The teachers always had a one to one relationship with me. There was no sort of hesitation in talking to the teachers about anything and everything,and this environment so friendly that I swear,I did not want to leave DC after April. In simple words,teachers were our guides as well as friends. Another great aspect was the way of teaching,practical more than theoratical. I understood more in practice than i ever could in other circumstances. Teachers with different

specialities were called to train us,so we got more knowledge about everything we learnt. Prospective drawing, human figures,live scenes and what not.

I if i could go in the past,I would like to experience Desizn Circle once more. The teaching,the thinking,laying down

those thoughts and getting appreciated for my work was just heaven. And I guarantee,if one asks any student of my

batch,they will ‘We miss Desizn Circle’.

Siddharth Vohra

Instituto Europeo de Design , Italy

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