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Portfolio Development Classes

Desizn Circle provides customized classes for portfolio development for Indian and International design colleges .

All the works has been done by the students. Kindly don’t contact us to make the portfolio. We don’t make your portfolios . We help the students to develop their sketching skill first and then the students make their own portfolio’s taking guidelines from our expert teachers !  

Portfolio includes : Sketch work , 3D works , Photography , Software techniques and its related work , depending upon the college you have applied for both the undergraduate level and Post Graduate level entrances and Interviews .

Software and graphic classes include  Microsoft excel , word and presentation only.

                                                                        3 MONTHS  – 4 DAYS A WEEK CLASS
                                                                        1 MONTH    – 6 DAYS A WEEK CLASS 
*** fees : starting from 20,000+taxes to 50,000+taxes (depends on the duration)
contact today : +91-9971707267 , or mail us at desizncircle.nd@gmail.com 

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