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2016-2017 @DESIZN CIRCLE 

Just like all other years , this year proves to be an amazing year for us . Many of you made it through your dream colleges , many of you did not . But one thing was common , all of us gave our best . We hope to get really good results in 2017 and all the best to all of you for supporting us and our faculties in all the good and bad times . 3 Cheers for all of us !


2015-2016 @DESIZN CIRCLE 

Year 2015 -2016 has been a great year , thank you almighty who has given us so much of strength that we have performed and given our best . Hope we will keep on giving our best and you all will keep on showing the same love for your favourite  place , ‘ DC ‘  !!

Whether it is results in various design colleges in INDIA or ABROAD or various design competitions , our students performed really well and maintained the reputation our esteem institution .

Thank you everyone .


Desizn Circle Classroom Sessions

Life at Desizn Circle 


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