Our Team

Sumit Saurabh  : 

Founder and the Creative Head of Desizn Circle. 

Educational QualificationTextile Design Graduate, NIFT Delhi   

Sumit Saurabh, the visionary founder of Desizn Circle, boasts a brilliant mentoring career spanning 14 years in the art of guiding students toward their future careers. A distinguished textile design graduate from NIFT Delhi, Sumit’s passion for creativity extends beyond mentoring to his love for photography. Notably, his achievements encompass winning the prestigious 48 Hour Film Project and representing India in Hollywood, adding to his versatile portfolio.

With a modest beginning that involved just nine students, Sumit’s journey has blossomed into a transformative force, impacting over 8000 students across both undergraduate and postgraduate design disciplines. His dedication to nurturing talent and shaping futures has solidified his reputation as an exceptional mentor. Sumit’s fusion of artistic expertise, leadership, and his own successful experiences makes him a beacon of inspiration in the field of design education.

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Gaurav Chaudhary  Educational Qualification:

Commercial Pilot, B.sc Aviation Studies, Senior Academic Advisor |


Embarking on his career as a pilot marked his initial step, yet he felt a compelling pull to return to India and forge a path in Design Training & Brand Management. In addition to his core responsibilities, he shoulders the vital role of overseeing the GAT section for prestigious institutions like NIFT, NID, and UCEED.



Mayukh Chaudhry: Guest Faculty

Educational Qualification: IIT (Madras) and IIM (Lucknow)

A visionary Co-Founder behind Milaap.org, India’s premier crowdfunding platform, he also stands as an exceptional specialist in preparing students for personal interviews and group discussions. Remarkably, he possesses a prodigious talent in mathematics. It is largely thanks to his relentless dedication that our PG students have consistently excelled in their examinations throughout the years. His impactful contributions have shaped both our institution and the achievements of our students, leaving an indelible mark on their academic journeys.s.


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Ankita Kochhar 

Educational Qualification: NIFT, New Delhi, Masters In Design 

Ankita Kochhar, an esteemed alumna of NIFT Delhi and Central Saint Martins, shines as a guiding light in our institution. With her comprehensive background, she undertakes the crucial role of mentoring students, offering invaluable insights into projects, and cultivating innovative ideas. Beyond her role as a mentor, Ankita’s talents extend to the realm of styling and concept building, where her brilliance truly comes to the forefront. Her ability to weave together unique concepts is a testament to her creative finesse. Through her multifaceted expertise, Ankita enriches both our educational environment and the creative pursuits of our students.




Chandan Mohanty

Chandan Mohanty 

Educational Qualification: NIFT, New Delhi 

A dedicated member of our full-time design faculty, he brings with him a wealth of experience from his tenure at NIFT and a successful career as a skilled fashion designer. With a rich background that includes work at many  Fashion houses, he has seamlessly transitioned into a fully committed educator at Desizn Circle. Renowned for his exceptional teaching approach, he holds a special place among students, who admire him for both his punctuality and unwavering dedication to their growth and success.


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Shivam Gupta

Educational Qualification: Knitwear Design / NIFT Mumbai

Leading the Fashion Section for both International and Indian Admissions, he also holds the esteemed position of heading the Noida Centre at Desizn Circle. Beyond his professional role, he’s an avid pet lover, a devoted Marvel enthusiast, and a beacon of creativity in teaching. Undoubtedly, his dynamic and engaging teaching style has garnered him a significant and enthusiastic following among the student body.






With a profound specialization in Human Illustrations and perspective drawing, their skill set adds a unique dimension to our institution’s creative landscape. Beyond their artistic prowess, they hold the crucial responsibility of overseeing our international college portfolio, ensuring that our students are prepared for the global artistic stage.

Their mastery of Human Illustrations breathes life into their creations, capturing the essence of the human form in captivating ways. The finesse they exhibit in perspective drawing unveils new dimensions and depths, enriching the artistic narratives of our students. As one of custodians of our international college portfolio, they sculpt pathways for our students to showcase their talents on a global platform, fostering a sense of pride and achievement


          Rinki Thakuri     

           Educational Qualification:    BFA : Raja Mansingh Tomar Music & Arts          University         

GOLD MEDALIST in Fine Arts, holding a prestigious 3-Year Diploma from the esteemed Academy of Art Universe Kolkata in 2014.

As a dedicated full-time faculty member, she brings a wealth of expertise as a Master in Fine Arts, specializing in both International and National portfolios. Her exceptional skills and in-depth knowledge make her an invaluable asset to our institution.

In addition to her commitment to our students, she extends her passion beyond the classroom. She conducts offline classes to guide aspiring students preparing for esteemed institutions such as NIFT, NID, and other renowned colleges. Furthermore, her altruistic spirit shines as she generously imparts her knowledge to underprivileged children through special classes. Her dedication to nurturing creativity and providing opportunities for all is a source of immense pride for us.




A holder of a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts, she exudes excellence in the realm of art and boasts a comprehensive mastery of the NIFT and NID syllabi. Endearing herself to students, she stands as a cherished favorite. Renowned for her pedagogical approach of nurturing from the very basics, she firmly believes in fortifying foundations to formidable levels. Her prowess is evidenced by being the top choice for students entering Desizn Circle without a prior art background.


Gayatree Vashisht

Graduate of NIFT Chennai, driven by a perpetual desire to learn and educate. Her proficiency shines in the realms of graphics and digital media, where she consistently delivers brilliance. Currently, she is entrusted with the responsibility of nurturing design and fostering innovation at both the international and Indian wings of Desizn Circle.


Sibani Pattnayak 

Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Art and recognized as a national-level scholar by Lalit Kala Academy, her journey is adorned with excellence. Her extensive teaching background spans across educational tiers, from elementary to senior secondary levels. The strokes of her brilliance are most evident in her mastery of coloring and artistry. Renowned for her approachability and rapport with students, she stands as a beloved figure among the learning community.


A distinguished alumna of Sushant University, she radiates brilliance particularly in the domains of Graphics and Concept Building classes. Her pivotal role involves guiding students in the meticulous crafting of portfolios tailored for esteemed international universities. With an ever-welcoming demeanor, her readiness to assist knows no bounds.



Educational Qualification:  NIFT Delhi

      Fuelled by an unbridled passion, he emerges as a virtuoso in the domains of Perspective and Color Medium explorations. Holding the esteemed position of Full-Time Faculty for both National and International college preparation classes, his dedication knows no bounds. Beyond the realm of academia, he unveils another facet as an avid photographer, weaving tales through captivating images. Notably, he crafts succinct yet impactful short videos, foreshadowing his potential as a future travel vlogger.