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Our Team

Sumit Saurabh  : Founder and the Creative Head of Desizn Circle . 

Educational QualificationTextile Design Graduate, NIFT Delhi   
Started the centre in a small room at Gulmohar Enclave when he was in NIFT 4th year.All the six students he taught cleared the examination . After graduating from the college , he started his own brand ‘antarDESI’ in New Delhi and also established the coaching centre “Desizn Circle” at 34,Hauz Khas Village ,New Delhi . 2012 is the fourth year of Desizn Circle and the result was exceptionally well with almost 99% success in design college !!
Started with 6 students in the year 2008 today he is teaching almost 450 kids every year for the different design college entrance examination . With almost 1100+ kids in NIFT ,NID ,PEARL , SRISHTI , SYMBIOSIS and many foreign universities he is a proud teacher and the coach. He is not only a teacher but also a full time photographer who exhibits his work in Delhi and Other cities of India. Also runs his photography camps and help to promote the new budding photographers.
 Manish Tripathi : Director ,Desizn Circle 
 Educational Qualification: Fashion Design Graduate, NIFT Delhi   
No words to describe his talent.An excellent caricature artist ,Bollywood Costume Designer and Owner of Pingakash Tradex      Pvt Ltd. Always there to guide students and help them to improvise in their creative skills.
 Jasleen Kaur  
 Educational Qualification: Textile Design Graduate , NIFT Delhi  
Famous in Desizn Circle as Miss Perfectionist ! Always there to guide the students  before and after the exams. Master Teacher who knows how to crack design entrance exam , what to do and what not to do in exam. A Situation Test and Studio Test Specialist for all the entrance examination !
(Guest Faculty)
Mayukh Chaudhry  
Educational Qualification  : IIT (Madras) and IIM (Lucknow)
Co-Founder of Milaap.org  , India’s  largest crowdfunding platform ,
Specialist in Personal Interview and group discussion preparation for the students. Mathematics genius.Just because of his efforts that the PG students have performed exceptionally well in all the previous year examination .
(Guest faculty)
Amit Gautam 
Educatinal qualification : IIT (Kanpur) and IIM (Lucknow) 
Working as a senior consultant- brings in immense knowledge and experience helping post-graduate candidates in their training and development.
(Guest faculty)


Melvin P Josy 

Educational Qualification : Accessory designer , NIFT New Delhi 

NIFT Graduate , a genius in technical drawing

excellent in 3D modeling and visualization  !

Chandan Mohanty
Chandan Mohanty 
Educational Qualification : NIFT ,New Delhi 
Full time design faculty , ex NIFTian and an excellent fashion designer .
Earlier Worked at antarDESI (Fashion House) and now a fully dedicated teacher at Desizn Circle.
Very Popular among students and known for his punctuality and dedication towards students !


Uttam Roy 
Educational Qualification : Fashion Designer /Artist 
Known for his Perfection  and master in Prints , coloring , fashion studies and Sketching Portraits  !
FullSizeRender (14)
Shivam Gupta
Educational Qualification : Knitwear Design / NIFT Mumbai
Heading Fashion Section for International and Indian Admissions .
Nerzhar Kumar 
Educational Qualification : B.Tech 
BTech graduate , brilliant in Creative sketching and Industrial drawings . Also looks after the graphics and International Portfolios students .
aniket krishna
Aniket Krishna
Educational Qualification : Graduate , NIFT New Delhi  
Full time Photography faculty ! Looks after the International Portfolio development wing and the content creator of the study materials given at Desizn Circle .
Amit Kumar 
Educational Qualification : BFtech , NIFT New Delhi 
Master in Mathematics , Logical Reasoning .
Senior Guest faculty for Master in design and Management .
You can always trust him for his Knowledge in General Awareness
Palash Chaudhary 
Educational Qualification :B.Des ,NIFT New Delhi 
Master in Perspective and Creative Drawing .
Three words which describe him  : Simple, Humble and Amazing .
FullSizeRender (15) .
Ankita Kochhar 
Educational Qualification : NIFT , Master In Design 

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