All of you , who are appearing for srishti exam , MIT, TDV and IICD exam there are no particular sample paper for it and the main reason is that they can ask any type of questions but You should  Keep this in your mind before appearing for the exam .
1. In the exam they can ask any type of questions .
2 . It will be the mixture of drawing and GAT (general ability test)
3. Drawing section can have technical type of questions based on proportion and ratio based questions , drawing the product or a scene with different point of view .    Compete the drawing  , like they can give you an incomplete drawing and ask you to complete that.
   Draw table , window and a dog in correct proportion inside a room or in respect with the car or any thing .
4. Dismantle any object and then recreate a new object with that .
5. In the exam , they sometimes ask basic biology and chemistry based questions also which you have studied in class 9th and 10th . very basic . like what is photosynthesis , what is the composition of salt etc .
6. they can give you prism and ask you how the light will pass from it .
7. Maths can also be there , and we are not sure about the level also. it can be general and can be of little high standard or may be there wont be any maths .
8. Few years back they asked questions based on colors also like if we mix this color with that color what will be the new color . keep your self prepared for that too.
9.they can ask you to recognize the logo also .
10. It might be possible that they ask you to write a short story on something . like they can give you an image and ask you to write a story on that or short essay or write up on that .
So basically , if your basics are strong you just need to go and sit for the exam , exam will be new for everyone , so do not get frustrated after looking at the paper that which kind of paper is this , it will be new for everyone .  Try to perform perfect in the drawing section .

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