Design is among the most forthcoming choices for a career among students today. The appeal and magnificence of the word ‘fashion’  and the glamour that comes with it, beckons immense inclination as a profession. A future in design and fashion is a highly lucrative one, nevertheless it comes with antagonism, and the route to it can often be ineffectual, if not approached in the right way. This accelerating drift towards such a discipline coexists with acute competition. How then should you prepare the groundwork in consideration of assuring admission into one of the prime fashion colleges of the country?
Everyday new coaching institutes are set up and flyers are found strewn outside entrance examination halls. By now you know or assume the appearance of most of these institutes. A classroom filled with ‘only’ sixty students and an affirmation of admission to each and every one. The glimmer of hope ceases to exist and with all those flyers that mean the same, who knows what to choose?
This great confusion lay the foundation upon which, Mr. Sumit Saurabh, an alumnus of NIFT (Delhi) and a Fashion Photographer accomplished his dream in 2009 at “Desizn Circle” (34 , 35 Hauz Khas Village) by offering exactly what an aspiring student of Fashion and Design needs. With a batch of not over fifteen students and a focused teaching environment that constitutes adept professionals from the industry and alumni from reputable design and management institutes, Design Circle is your destination, if your aim is to be enlisted to the leading design colleges of the country and to be among the most competent professionals in the design and fashion industry.
It was established with an object of imparting quality guidance to focused students in the most refined teaching environment. As a centre for training and precise learning Desizn Circle offers both continual and abridged programmes that will help you pursue your aspirations.
What you experience as a part of DC (as Desizn Circle is popularly called by the students) is very distinctive from that, what those who force a flyer and a promise will provide you with.
At DC students often enrol themselves with an objective of broadening their scope of imagination and inventiveness by becoming versed with progressive design techniques. In addition to implementing rigorous sessions with requisite study material and periodic tests for students aiming at the finest of design colleges, it also has a lot to proffer for those who wish to brace themselves
with the best of skills that add to your aptitude. In that event, DC provides students with individuate classes in photography, equipping them with the nuances of the art and helping them become proficient as professional photographers. It also offers congruous software classes which are an added asset to acquire, to outperform in the discipline of design.
DC is also the nerve centre for students who are dedicated to design and earnestly enjoy it. For these students, photography, sketching and other forms of design are an integral part of life. They join DC to enhance their skills in what they’re best at and wish to earn a living by pursuing their passion.
The students visit many places to observe and capture what is around them and attribute artistic value to it by reflecting it through their designs and photography. While they spend time in mastering their forte, DC helps them transform it into a lucrative career choice. From enterprising classroom education, to maximum exposure to art and design, DC has it all.
By virtue of its appreciation for design and art, DC ensures its contribution of beneficence towards the society. On weekends Mr Saurabh and other mentors at DC, spend time with the underprivileged children, by tutoring them with basic education and by making them experience the delight of art.
The atmosphere at DC is generated in such a fashion that even after the training period at DC comes to an end, students choose to drop in whenever they wish to reminisce their love for design and art. They utilize their unoccupied time exploring their creativity and often stop by at DC to share it with their mentor and other students.
Celebrating the admiration for photography amongst everyone associated with DC, an online photography competition called ‘photofest’ was organised by DC, where works of photography were welcomed by all those who wished to be a part of it. The response proved to be tremendous and remuneration was awarded to the photographers whose photographs were most liked by the viewers.
With the success of the ‘Photofest’ event, DC intends to endure this concept and thereupon anticipates organizing such events every year. Today, DC is a hub of design and art, where a lot of ideas eventuate. A perfect balance is maintained between intensive training sessions and utilization of creative and productive methods of imparting quality education. In the future Mr Saurabh envisions Desizn Circle to evolve from being a training centre of design into one of the most reputable Design Institutes of the country. This distinguishes DC from any other training institute, and if your aspiration is to enter the design world as an accomplished professional, Desizn Circle promises your dream to you.

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