Srishti entrance sample questions and TIPS !

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Srishti entrance exam is on the head and you all are wondering and looking for sample papers here and there on Google .

First of all , you all should know that there is not fixed pattern of Srishti entrance exam .

1. In the exam they can ask any type of questions .
2 . It will be the mixture of drawing and GAT (general ability test)
3. Drawing section can have technical type of questions based on proportion and ratio based questions , drawing the product or a scene with different point of view .    Compete the drawing  , like they can give you an incomplete drawing and ask you to complete that.
   Draw table , window and a dog in correct proportion inside a room or in respect with the car or any thing .
4. Dismantle any object and then recreate a new object with that .
5. In the exam , they sometimes ask basic biology and chemistry based questions also which you have studied in class 9th and 10th . very basic . like what is photosynthesis , what is the composition of salt etc .
6. they can give you prism and ask you how the light will pass from it .
7. Maths can also be there , and we are not sure about the level also. it can be general and can be of little high standard or may be there wont be any maths .
8. Few years back they asked questions based on colors also like if we mix this color with that color what will be the new color . keep your self prepared for that too.
9.they can ask you to recognize the logo also .
10. It might be possible that they ask you to write a short story on something . like they can give you an image and ask you to write a story on that or short essay or write up on that .
So basically , if your basics are strong you just need to go and sit for the exam , exam will be new for everyone , so do not get frustrated after looking at the paper that which kind of paper is this , it will be new for everyone .  Try to perform perfect in the drawing section .
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