Situation Test Paper

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Use ONLY Three materials among them to create these objects. 

Maximum time to create one object is 50 mins . 

Write a 50 words write up for each object and also draw to support it . 


List of materials : (use any 3 materials only) 

Thermocol (1 sheet , A4)
Thermocol balls (15)
Wires (18 inches)
Ice Cream stick (5)
toothpick (10)
Glaze sheet (2 , A4)
News Paper (1 full sheet)
1 mtr Ribbon
Bubble sheet (1 A4)
2 , 500 ML bottle .
1 candle

Q1. Create a multi utility bag for a carpenter  . 

Q2. Make an innovative tool for a news paper vendor, which makes his work easier. 

Q3. Make a memento for the president of India, theme of the memento is Incredible India . 



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