JAN 09 – Last date for receipt of Applications to Srishti office

JAN 24– Srishti Entrance & Aptitude Test (SEAT) [Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Kochi, Kolkata, Mangalore, Mumbai, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur]

FEB 13 – Portfolio Review and Counselling [Bangalore(Saturday)]

FEB 27– Portfolio Review and Counselling [Bangalore(Saturday)]

MAR 12– Portfolio Review and Counselling [Bangalore(Saturday)]

MAR 21– Announcement of Results (on the official website)

APR 11– Last Date To Pay Fees

APR 16– Last date for Withdrawal of Admission


APR 02 – Last date for receipt of Applications to Srishti office

APR 17- Srishti Entrance and Aptitude Test (SEAT)

Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Guwahati, Jaipur, Kochi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune, Trivandrum, Colombo, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur

May 02 to 07 – Portfolio Review and Counselling 

Bangalore, Pune, Trivandrum

May 11 – Announcement of Results

May 26 – Last date to Pay Fees

JUN 11 – Last date for Withdrawal of Admission



1. Undergraduate Technical Program – B.Voc – 3 Years.

Bangalore Center
Creative Coding (B.Voc.)
Design and Build – STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) (B.Voc.)
Pune Center
Creative Manufacturing (B.Voc.)
Design and Build – Interiors (B.Voc.)
Graphic Arts and Design Practices (B.Voc.)
User Interface and Interaction Engineering (B.Voc.)
Trivandrum Center
Digital Film Making (B.Voc.)
Digital Media Production (B.Voc.)
Graphic Arts and Experience Design (B.Voc.)
User Interface and Interaction Engineering (B.Voc.)

2. Undergraduate Professional Program – B.Des., B.Cr.A. – 4 Years.

Design (B.Des.)
Business Services and System Design (B.Des.)
Human Centred Design (B.Des.)
Industrial Arts and Design Practices (B.Des.)
Information Arts and Information Design Practices (B.Des.)
Public Space Design (B.Des.)
Visual Communication and Strategic Branding (B.Des.)
Creative Arts (B.Cr.A.)
Contemporary Art Practice (B.Cr.A.)
Creative Writing (B.Cr.A.)
Digital Media Arts (B.Cr.A.)
Experimental Media Arts (B.Cr.A.)
Film (B.Cr.A.)
Film (B.Cr.A.) from Srishti Films

Postgraduate Programs – M.Des., M.Cr.A., M.Plan. – 2 Years.

Postgraduate Program in Design (M.Des)
Design led Innovation (M.Des.)
Earth Education (M.Des.)
Heritage Design, Planning and Management (M.Des.)
Human Centered Design (M.Des.)
Impact Entrepreneurship (M.Des.)
Industrial Arts and Design Practices (M.Des.)
Information Arts and Information Design Practices (M.Des.)
Public Space Design (M.Des.)
Strategic Design and Brand Leadership (M.Des.)
Postgraduate Program in Creative Arts (M.Cr.A.)
Contemporary Art Practice (M.Cr.A.) (includes Gallery and Curatorial Practices, Botanical Arts, Arts Management)
Creative Documentary (M.Cr.A.)
Experimental Media Art Practices (M.Cr.A.) (includes Electronic and Hybrid Art practices, ArtScience)
Digital Media Arts (M.Cr.A.) (includes Animation, Visual Effects and Gaming)
Postgraduate Program in Planning (M.Plan.)
Urban Design, Sustainability and Conservation (M.Plan.)

Postgraduate Program – M.A. – 2 Years.

Aesthetics and Visual Cultures (M.A.)
Digital Humanities (M.A.)
Knowledge Systems and Practice (M.A.)
Land and Livelihood Studies (M.A.)
Public History and Heritage Interpretation (M.A.)
Screen Studies (M.A.)
Design in Education
Experience Design
Impact Entrepreneurship
Oral History
Visual Communication

Postgraduate Diploma Program – 1 Year.

Design, Creative Arts and New Humanities and Design.

The Selection Process

Admission to any course at a given level to Srishti comprises the following:

  1. Submission of a completed Application Form for a chosen course and level of study.
  2. Successful completion of the Srishti Entrance and Aptitude Test (SEAT) for the Undergraduate and Postgraduatelevels of study.
  3. Declaration and proof of Minimum Educational Qualifications (MEQ).
  4. Fulfilment of all requirements during:

Review of personal portfolio of art and design-related works
Counselling at a personal one-on-one level.

Protocol: SEAT 2016

  1. Applicants seeking admission to the Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels should appear for the SEAT 2016.
  2. SEAT is a written examination of 3 hours duration and will be held as per the published schedule
  3. SEAT is run each year at four  levels. They are the Undergraduate Professional, the Undergraduate Vocational, the Postgraduate and the Postgraduate Professional.
  4. Each round in the SEAT 2016 will have different question papers, but with the same number of questions, same total marks and with identical difficulty levels, which will be moderated for consistency and parity.
  5. Each round of SEAT 2016 will be conducted in different centres across the country and in selected centres outside, if possible. The list of centres, dates of the tests and the levels of each test will be publshed under the Admissions Calendar on the Srishti website. Candidates are advised to check the website regularly for updates as well as changes in dates or times.
  6. It is mandatory for candidates to select one centre of their choice. Once the application is submitted, request for change of centre may NOT be possible. If the number of registered applicants at a listed city falls below a manageable mark, the centre may be dropped from the final list of SEAT 2016 centres, and those candidates will be informed and allotted a different centre. This revised information will also be displayed on the website.
  7. Appearing in SEAT 2016 or being named on a published waiting list neither guarantees nor provides automatic entitlement to admission.
  8. The SEAT 2016 score is valid only for admission in the academic year 2016-2017.
  9. In all matters concerning the results of SEAT 2016 the decision of Srishti or the Chairperson of the Srishti Selection Committee will be final and binding on all the applicants.
  10. Although SEAT 2016 is held at different centres across the country, Srishti, Bangalore, is the organizing institute and has the overall responsibility of conducting SEAT 2016. In case of any claims or disputes arising in respect of SEAT 2016, it is hereby made absolutely clear that Srishti, Bangalore shall have the sole and exclusive jurisdiction to entertain and settle any such disputes and claims



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