Attempt this paper in 3 hours 

1. Design the box packaging for Google glasses.

2. Design the external skin of a laptop being provided to students in a rural campaign.

3. Choose any one of the following keywords and design the interiors of a coffee house according to that word. :-
a. Bamboo
b. Techno
c. Rasta
d. Punk
e. Hippie
f. Eclectic
g. Rural

4. Draw a two wheeler, a laptop and a human in proportion to each other.

5. Answer the following questions of general knowledge.
a. Which indian Bollywood actor recently got a doctrate degree from Edinburgh University?
b. Which Indian bagged the MTV EMA’s Best India Act award?
c. Maggi was banned in India due to the excess of which element in it?
d. For what motive was the website made? Explain in not more than 50 words.

6. If India’s national flag was to be redesigned, how would it be like according to you? Draw and colour the flag below and also in not more than 60 words, justify your design.

7. Mark Zuckerberg is coming to India to address the young minds of the country. Make a welcome poster for him on the behalf of IIT Delhi.

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