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Some important GD/PI topics:

1. You are brand manager of a casual apparel brand. How you can use social networking sites such as Facebook or Linkedin for the benefit of your brand.

2.Indian apparel retail post recession. Challenges and Opportunities.

3. If your brand is doing well in Metro cities, would it make sense to venture into the Tier-2 cities. How would the marketing mix ( product, price, place, promotion) be different there.

4. Should apparel brands go on discounts at all ? Why ? Why not ?

5. Should there be any return policy for an apparel brand ? Why ? Why not

6. Malls are not the same post recession.

7. Rising Prices of Cotton Yarn- Boon or bane for Indian Exports.

8. India should stick to manufacturing and selling traditional textiles and leave the manufacturing of other textiles to China and other countries.

9.Organic Textiles. Does it have a future or it is a mere eyewash .

10.India Advantage- Apparel and Textiles

11. Indian customer knows only one language- the language of discounts- every other strategy is useless.

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  1. Tanusri Majumder says:

    dis topics were uploaded in 2011 i guess

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