Important Question for NIFT BDes exam

Please note checking facilities/Answer facilities are only available for the Desizn Circle students . 
1. Draw an ariel view of the  scene of flood as seen by the pilot of the rescue helicopter .
2. Draw a lizard view of a cyber cafe .
3. Draw a CCTV camera view of a traffic scene .
4.Design a book cover for NCERT Class 12th BOOK for Textile studies /theme is Khadi in India .
5. Redesign the logo of Indian Railways .
6. Draw a poster on stop Racism  

7. Design a multi utility kit for your maid which makes her life easier .
8. Design a mobile back cover showing the tradition of Indian art and culture .
9. Design a head gear and wrist gear for your News Paper vendor which can make his work easier .
10. Design  a poster for the awareness for Girl Child in India .
11. Design a fashion ramp , theme of the fashion show is Indian villages .
12. Design Two momento which you will present to the Nobel Laureate Kailash Styarthi and  Malala keeping in mind the cause they have got the prize .
13. Design a poster giving tribute to the the victims of MH370 air disaster .
14. Design a menu card for a south Indian restaurant opening in USA .
15. Design a work place for a fashion stylist .
16. In 4 boxes show how government can improvise the system of a city and make the city safe for women .
17. In four boxes show what is a dream India for you .
18. Design a hoarding encouraging the villagers to open their account under Prime Minister Jan Dhan Yojna
19. Design a TOSS coin for World Cup 2015 .
20. Design a garment for a tourist guide representing your state .
21. Design a vintage car for your fashion Icon and describe why You have designed it .
22.Design a Vanity van for your favorite star from outside and inside .
23. Draw a set for Oscar award 2015.
24. Design a badge for school kids promoting Donate blood / Donate organ .
25.Design a jersey for team India representing India in United Staes in Olympics .
26. Draw a river bank and show what facilities should be their which will encourage tourism .
27. ReDesign the profile page for your facebook account
28. Design a wall art encouraging importance of toilettes .
29. Design a doodle representing “Atithi devo bhawah”
30. Design a poster on importance of education in India

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