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Q1. Draw a composition

 Room having following objects

1. Shoe rack

2. Large sized mirror

3. Hanger(s)

4. Desktop PC

5. Keys

 Art room of a Design College

 Cloak room of a railway station

Q2. Draw a poster

 For a vender who wants to start a business of selling street food in front of a college

 For a woman who wants to sell her collection of vintage footwear, take inspiration from

“Marilyn Monroe”.

 Poster on “Secularism”

Q3.Innovative thinking

 Design a bag for a design student to carry stationary

Before starting the drawing think about 10 problems that design student face in the context

of carrying stationary and then design a bag solving all the problems and making it more

convenient and affable.

 Write a 50 words poem about any element/topic of your choice and depict the opposite of

that in the given space.

 Design a wallet for a person who has a bad habit of forgetting and loosing things.

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