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Desizn Circle question 2015 January 

This question paper is been divided into Four sections part A, B, C, D. Part A is composition drawing, Part B is Poster drawing, Part C is Colour Grids & Part D is Product Design . You have to attend all the questions as it is been mentioned above all the Four sections Part A, B, C, D, and colour it where it’s been asked for it.

NOTIFICATION: Fill your Name, Date, & Time of starting of your paper & end time of your paper above.

Part A Composition Drawing

Draw any one of the following question

  1. Draw a Scene of a election procession which held in your locality.
  2. Draw a scene of Traffic.
  3. Draw a scene of a vegetable Market.

Part B Poster Drawing

Draw any one of the following question and the poster has to be coloured properly according to it.

  1. Draw a poster on (Swach Bharat Abhiyan).
  2. Draw a poster on Development Of India (Make in India, Made In India).
  3. Draw a poster on (Jan Dhan Yojna).

Part C Color Grids

Draw grid under 5x5inches of box and with color depict any one of the following emotions.

  1. Joy
  2. Peace
  3. Anger
  4. Scary
  5. Happiness

Part D Product Design

Design any one of the following question and color it and also the Product has to be describe properly.

  1. Design a futuristic, multi-purpose table for a student.
  2. Design a innovative Vehicle for a handicap person who cannot walk.
  3. Redesign a Laptop charger

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