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1. At what rate per cent per annum a sum of Rs. 1800 will become Rs. 2700 in 10 years? a. 5% b. 6% c. 10% d. 6.75% e. None of these

2. A sum of Rs. 1600 lent at SI of 12.5% p.a will become twice in
a. 6yrs b. 7.5yrs c. 8yrs d. 9.25yrs e. None of these

3. Rakesh took a loan for 6 years at 5% SI. If the total interest paid was Rs. 1230, the principal was

a. Rs.4100 b. 5000 c. 5300 d. 4920 e. None of these 4. If Rs 1200 amounts to Rs. 1440 in 5 years at simple interest, the rate of interest is

a. 10% b. 12% c. 4% d. 5% e. None of these 5. In what time will Rs. 72 become Rs.81 at 6.25% p.a SI?

a. 1yr6mnths b. 2yrs c. 2.5yrs d. 2.25yrs e. None of these
6. A sum of money doubles itself in 10 years. In how many years will it treble itself at SI?

a. 10 b. 15 c. 20 d. 25 e. None of these
7. A sum of money lent out at simple interest amounts to Rs. 2520 in 2 yrs and Rs. 2700 in 5yrs.

Find the rate %

a. 3% b. 4% c. 2.5% d. 5% e. None of these

  1. A sum of money becomes double in 7yrs. In how many years will it become 4 times?

    a. 10 b.35 c.14 d.21 e.28

  2. If Re.1 produces Rs.9 in 60 years at Si, the rate of interest per annum is

a. 15% b. 12 1⁄2% c. 13 1/3% d. 12% e. None of these
10. If Rs. 450 amount to Rs. 540 in 4 years, what will it amount to in 6 years at the same rate%?

a. 600 b. 585 c. 700 d. 640 e. None of these
11. Two equal amounts were lent on SI at 10%p.a for 4yrs and 5yr. respectively. If the difference is

Rs.220, then each sum is

a. 880 b. 1100 c. 2200 d. 1640 e. None of these
12. A invested Rs.5000 at a certain rate of SI and Rs.4000 for the same period at 1% higher rate of

interest. If the interest in both the cases is same, the former rate of interest is

a. 3% b. 4% c. 6% d. 5% e. None of these
13. The compound interest on a certain sum of money invested for 3yrs at 5% p.a is Rs. 1891.50/

What will be the simple interest on the same sum at the same rate for 2yr?

a. 1700 b. 1200 c. 1500 d. 2100 e. None of these
14. The SI on a sum of Rs. 4800 for 2yrs is Rs. 768. What will be the compound interest on the

same sum at the same rate and for the same period?

a. 798.2 b. 870.75 c. 920.69 d. 884.20 e. None of these
15. A sum of money placed at CI becomes 2 times in 2yrs. In how many years will it become 8


a. 2 b.3 c.4 d.5 e. None of these 16. The difference in CI and SI at 12% p.a on Rs.5000 for 2 years will be

a. 17.50 b. 36 c. 45 d. 72 e. None of these
17. A man buys a music system of Rs. 8000. He pays Rs. 3500 at once and the rest 10 months later,

on which he is charged at8%p.a Find the total amount he pays.

a. 9260 b. 8720 c. 8540 d. 9410 e. None of these
18. The difference between SI and CI on a sum of money at 5%p.a is Rs. 25. Find the sum.

a. 5000 b.10000 c. None of these d. Data Insufficient 19. In what time will the SI be 2/5th of the sum at 8% per annum?

a. 5yrs b. 6yrs c. 7yrs d. 8yrs
20. A borrows Rs.9000 at 12%p.a SI and B borrows Rs. 12000 at 8%p.a SI. In how many years will

their amount of debts be equal?

a. 25yrs b. 22yrs c. 18yrs d. 16yrs 21. At what rate will a sum increase by 25% in 2yrs at SI?

a. 12.5% b. 12% c. 10.5% d. 10%
22. If the SI for 2yrs at 8%p.a is Rs.120. What will be the CI on the same amount at the same rate

for same time?
a. 124.80 b. 110.20 c. 145.15 d. 136.75

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