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1.Create a communication visual on ‘protect street dogs’.

2. Design a print for a mouse pad of a computer, to be used by a graphic designer.
3. Make a staircase and draw 3 boys sitting on the stairs and playing guitar.
4. It is difficult to draw in winters when the temperature is too low. So as a fix, make gloves which can be worn while drawing and painting and also providing good grip on the pencil.
5. Draw a composition of a student texting in class.
6. Steadtler is a company of which country ?
7. Suppose your birth date is 29 february 2004. Will you be able to celebrate your birthday in 2078 ?
8. Who is Amit Shah ?
9. How is an LED light bulb different than a CFL light bulb ?
10. what is the weight of a Rs10 Maggi pack ?

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