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1. Make a scene of a police officer being awarded the Ashok Chakra. Also write a paragraph explaining the award.

2. Redesign a laptop to make it more compact and innovative.
3. Draw the current logo of NID and also make a newer version of the logo and explain why your logo is better than the current one in not more than     5 lines.
4. Avalanche is a mass of snow and rocks falling down a mountain side. Draw a house in a village on that avalanche affected mountain. Also show a human being in the composition.
5. Innovate a new technique to control a touch screen device except the touch screen, stylus or any other existing tool.
6. What is the price of iPhone 6?
7. The newly formed Indian state Telangana touches which other indian states?
8. What is the width of a two lane road in metres ?
9. Who is the founder of google ?
10. Name the stationary brand of ITC Limited ?

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