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Q1. Draw what you can see if you are underwater in the sea .

Q2. You are on a helicopter and looking at the flooded city from the sky . Draw what you can see .

Q3. Design a car showroom which only deals in the vintage cars .

Q4. Design a society where only washermen and carpenter live .

Q5. Draw 5 types of human expressions :  1. frustation , 2.anger , 3.sarcastic , 4.Sleepy , 5. Nostalgic

Q6.You are the piece of olive on the pizza , draw what you can see.

Q7.You are a politician and addressing more than 10000 people in the ground. draw what you can see.

Q8.You are a CCTV camera , in 4 boxes show the life of your watchman through the CCTV camera.

Q9.Design a jewelry which you will gift to the wife of American President’s wife .DESCRIBE.

Q10. Design a futuristic car keeping in mind year 2050.

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