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Time allotted 3 hours


Q1 COMOPSITION DRAWING (only line drawing)

Imagine you are a bug being stuck in a shuttlecock and a badminton player projects it in the air, draw what you see just using line drawing.


Draw a room of a youngster living in the era of “swinging sixties” or ‘la belle époque”, just using line drawing.


Illustrate a scene of a capital (before Christ era), picking up any of the following options –Cairo, Rome, Greece and Portugal, only line drawing.

Q2 POSTER DRAWING (colouring mandatory)

Design a poster for an American food brand of 50s selling biscuits and cookies, hence name your brand and the poster should reflect the essence of vintage famous packaged food items.


Design a poster for a high fashion brand which is launching a new line of fragrances based on following themes- Roses, Aqua & Mint, pick up any of these themes and design a poster that includes the tag or punch line of the brand


Design a poster to request people not to use FEATHER and ANIMAL LEATHER products so as to stop the exploitation of respective animals.

Q3 PRODUCT DESIGN (colouring mandatory)

Design a table top accessory for specially-abled architect, mandatory to explain the concept.


Redesign the basket for tea pickers of Asom, keep in mind the conditions and scenario of the particular area.


Using mirror as your basic element design a useful product for people living in a desert area, state the problem that you wanted to tackle and the concept of using mirror to solve that particular problem.

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