NID/NIFT Question Paper

Q.1. Which dye is ban to use by government?

Q.2. Draw the logo of Nerolac paint.

Q.3. Who is the designer of lamborgini?

Q.4. Which was the first company who launched the mobile phones?

Q.5. Who is the HRD minister of India ?

Q.6. Which is the first country who’s satellite reached Mars?

Q.7 Name the type of printing on the fabric?

Q.8. Name the sub-Brands of Arivind?

Q.9 Who is the C.E.O of AMUL?

Q.10. Name the five U.S based Garments Brands.

Q.11. Who painted the painting “last supper”?

Q.12. Name the place where the creation of Adam painted by Michaelangelo kept?

Q.13. Who has written Hemlet?

Q.14. name the best seller Fiction book of 2014 written by ‘Richard flanagan’?

Q.15. Where is the ICC world cup going to be held?

Q.16 Who is the chair person of BCCI?

Q16. Which vitamin we get from sun light?

Q17. Who invented the vaccine for chicken pox?

Q18. Which is the latest version of Android?

Q19. Who is the chief justice of India?

Q20. Who is railway minister of India?

Q21. Who won Wimbledon teNNIS 2014?

Q22. Who won T- 20 world cup 2014?

Q23.who is the C.E.O. of Harley Davidson?

Q24. Who is the chairperson of Tata group?

Q25. Who will be the chief guest on 26 January 2015?

Q26. Name the BRICS nations?

Q27. Where was the Asian games held in 2014?

Q28. Where was the printing press invented?

Q29. Which country will be hosting FIFA world cup 2018 ?

Q30. Who won the noble prize for peace in 2014?

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