Instruction for all the questions : 

( don’t spend more than 15 mins for a single question , no coloring required , draw every thing in 7′ x 7′ box )

1.You are the vegetable Vendor , draw the view you can see from his point of view .

2.Design a cake for a person who loves these 4 elements (alcohol , Cigaret ,Car and Camera)

3.Design a bed sheet taking inspiration from any art movement .

4.Design a lamp inspired from POP art.

5.Design the logo of a company which produces BOW and ARROWS .

6.Design a mouse for a physically challenged person having only 3 fingers.

7.You are a bird and you are about to reach your nest . Draw the view in perspective .

8.Design the new logo of an NGO which helps poor people ,in educating the children.

9.Imagine that you are a mosquito sitting on the tube light of a room . Draw what you see.

10.Enlarge a door handle 150 times a show a new use .

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