1. Re-design a microwave oven.

2. Design a Eco-friendly vehicle for a business class people for office going     purpose , and it can be also used for moving around inside the office.

3. show any 5 different uses of spectacles.
4. Re-design  a money counting machine with a innovative design.
5.In 5 step show how will you open a lock. 5 different use of a broken pot.
7.Draw a basic bulb or C.F.L light and design ten products inspired by bulb or C.F.L light .
8.With the help of line drawing describe the aesthetics of Delhi.
9.Draw different parts of a Reynolds pen, show every parts separately.
10.draw a scene of river rafting. a wrist watch for a old age people.
12.with an innovative design inspiration design a study table in a three dimensional view. the product has to be in perspective.
13.Assume that a broken chair has been kept in front of you whose backrest is been broken, in 6 different step fix the chair.
14.assume that you are sitting inside the train or inside a plane, draw the entire inside view of it. a gadget for people who use spectacles, design a gadget in such a way that it may take place of spectacles in future.
16.assume that you are driving a car , what will be the out side view from your view point .
17.assume that you are a mountaineer (mountain climber) and you are hanging from a rope and you are just about to reach to the top . draw the entire view which you can see around you, front , right, left,& back.
18.draw a futuristic Indian action hero, describe it.
19. in 5 step show how will you help a blind man, to cross a traffic.

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