Mock Paper for design entrance exam

Please note :

They are just the mock papers , do not expect that question is surely going to come from any of these papers . It is for your practice only .

Instructions : 

Attempt the paper in 20 mins .

Do not write your name in any of the question .

Checking facilities for these papers are available only for the Desizn Circle student

1. Two numbers are in the ratio 5:8. If the sum of the numbers is
182, find the numbers.
2. The sum of the digits of a two digit number is 15. If the number
formed by reversing the digits is less than the original number
by 27, find the original number.
3. The denominator of a rational number is greater than its
numerator by3. If 3 is subtracted from the numerator and 2 is
added to its denominator, the new number becomes 1/5. Find
the original number.
4. The length of a rectangle exceeds its breadth by 9cm.If the length
and breadth both are increased by 3cm, the area of the new
rectangle will be 84cm2 more than the original area. Find the
length and the breadth.
5. A streamer goes downstream and covers a distance between two
ports in 4 hours while it covers the same distance upstream in 5
hours. If the speed of the stream is 2km/hr, find the speed of the
streamer in still water.
6. The distance between 2 stations is 425km. Two trains start
simultaneously from these stations on parallel track to cross each
other. The speed of one train is greater than the other by 5km/hr. If
the distance between the two trains after 3 hours is 20km, find the
speed of each train.
7. Two years ago, Dilip was three times as old as his son and two years
hence, twice his age will be equal to five times that of his son. Find
their present ages.
8. Four-fifth of a number is 10 more than two-third of the number.
Find the number.
9. Three numbers are in the ratio 4:5:6. If the sum of the largest and
the smallest equals the sum of the third and 55, find the numbers.
10. If 10 is added to four times a number, the result is 5 less than five
times the number. Find the number.
11. Find three consecutive odd numbers whose sum is 147.
12. Find three consecutive even numbers whose sum is 234.
13. The digit in the tens place of a two-digit number is three times the
digit in the units place. If the digits are reversed, the new number
formed will be 36 less than the original number. Find the original
14. Divide 150 into three parts such that the second part is five-sixth
the first and the third is four-fifth the second.

15. Divide 4500 into two parts such that 5% of the first part is equal to 10%
of the second part.
16. Half of a herd of deer are grazing and three-fourth of the remaining are
roaming around. The rest 9 are drinking water. Find the number of deer in
the herd.
17.A man is 10 times older than his son. He is also 54 years older than him.
Find their present ages.
18. Sum of three consecutive integers is 51. The middle one is ___
19. Number of boys and girls in a class are in the ratio 7:5. The number of
boys is 8 more than the number of girls. What is the total strength ?
20. A number is increased by 20% and then decreased by 20%. Find the
aggregate % change.

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