Please note :

They are just the mock papers , do not expect that question is surely going to come from any of these papers . It is for your practice only .

Instructions : 

Attempt the paper in 1 hour .

Do not write your name in any of the question .

If the box size is not mentioned then attempt that question in 8 inches x 8 inches box .

Checking facilities for these papers are available only for the Desizn Circle student.

Q1) Design a poster on any 1 of the given topics:

a) Advertisement of a deodorant b) Exhibition of woollen garments

Q2) Design logos for any 5 games played in Olympics.

Q3) Design a Table and Chair for a 5 year old boy or design a dressing table for a Teenage Girl.

Q4) Look at the given art piece and explain your feelings about it in 10-12 lines.


Q5) Design a display of a mall in winter which has a sale going on of woollen garments.

Q6) Draw a bottle for Digestion Syrup Gelusil and a Packet of new flavour Lays Potato Chips and design a totally different cover for it.

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