Please note :

They are just the mock papers , do not expect that question is surely going to come from any of these papers . It is for your practice only .

Instructions : 

Attempt the paper in 3 hours .

Do not write your name in any of the question .

If the box size is not mentioned then attempt that question in 8 inches x 8 inches box .

Checking facilities for these papers are available only for the Desizn Circle student.

Q1) Translate your favourite animal into a abstract form: Show actions made by the animal
in 3 different postures. (10 Marks)
Q2) Design logo for any 4 the following: (20 Marks)
* Mercedes
* Audi
* Asian paints
* Titan
* Balaji Tele Films
* Yash Raj Films
Q3) Draw and Imagine a Lion proposing a Tigress in front of all animals with a rose in one
hand and sitting on knees in front of tiger. Also write the conversation between them.
Credit will be given to the minute expressions and actions made by the Lion and Tiger shown
in sketching. (20 Marks)
Q4) Design a Scarf for an artist using a theme of nature. (5 Marks)
Q5) Draw a Human Figure with an Alien. (5Marks)
Q6) Design some costumes and accessories for cattle on festival ‘BAIEL POLA’ (10Marks)
Q7) Design a wig for a Bald Women aged 55. Explain your concept in 100 words. (5 Marks)
Q8) Draw a Human Figure talking to an Elephant asking for a lift. Show this situation in a
perfect manner. (10 Marks)
Q9) Imagine you are having magical powers. What changes would you love to bring? Depict
about the advantages and the disadvantages of having magical powers. Write about it in

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