Sample NID Paper

Total Time : 3 Hours  . For any sketching use 7′ x 7′ box . If mentioned , then only do the coloring .

Q 1 . In What way the use of a pencil is of more advantage than a pen ?  5MARKS






Q2. Expand the acronyms : 5 marks






Q3 . Name any three types of food which contain maximum protein and 3 food which contain maximum vitamin. 3 marks

Q4. Mention all types  blood group ? 2 marks

Q5. Name two implements from your vegetable basket that can be used by painter in his painting ? 2 marks

Q6. Make an One sentence story using following words : 3 marks

Women empowerment , Indian , Media , Student , Television

Q7. which of the statements are wrong : (10 marks)

a) Narendra Modi is the 16th Prime Minister of India .  (correct / wrong)

b) The Malaysian airlines flight which went missing was MH70 . (correct / wrong)

c) The name of Chinese President is Mr.Xi Jinping . (correct / wrong)

d) Next football world cup will be held in Qatar . (correct / wrong)

e) Vimal Jalan is the governor of Reserve Bank of India ? (correct / wrong)

f) Cyrus Mistry is the Chairperson of Tata groups ? (correct / wrong)

g) After running or work out one should consume a combination of carbohydrates and protein. (correct / wrong)

h) These are the food high on fibre : Bran (Corn) , Cauliflower & Broccoli (Raw Cauliflower) ,Cabbage (Raw Savoy) , Leafy Greens (correct / wrong)

i) Dick Costolo is the CEO of Twitter ? (correct / wrong)

j) Acrylic paint is a fast-drying paint containing pigment suspension in acrylic polymer emulsion . (correct / wrong)

Q8. Write whatever comes in your mind after looking at this image . Word limit 100 words . (15 marks) IMG_1932


Q9. Draw a scene of a village keeping the year 2090 in Mind . (no coloring) (25 marks)

Q10.Given below is the very popular painting . Write in your own words the painter and also about the painting .

Can you relate the activity to the present times ?  (25 marks )




Q11.Who was known as the Iron Man of India ?


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