Lets Design our Career !

Hey all !


First of all Desizn Circle congratulate all of you who have cleared the various design entrance examination and now all set to start their career in the field of art and designing !

All of you must be going to various design departments , like few of you must be going to Fashion Design department , textile design , communication design , knitwear design , transport design , accessory design , interior design , leather design ,styling course etc etc !


But one thing is very clear that irrespective of the department you are going in you have to work really really hard . This is design , which changes every year , every minute , every second . If you are not updating yourself with the changing world you can never become a designer which you always dreamt about .

Some of you must be going to NIFT , NID , PEARL , GD GOENKA , DSK , SRISHTI , SYMBIOSIS , MIT PUNE , many of you must also be going to the different art colleges but always keep in mind that a college can only give you the platform which almost all the colleges are giving the same , its you who has to work hard and touch the pinnacle of the success !

Its such a competitive field that you are out of the touch of your field , you are out of the industry . Don’t confuse yourself that after doing the four or five years of course in any design college, you become a designer ! The real challenge stars after you passed out from the college , because then you are your teacher and you are your mentor.You have to ensure that the grasping nature of you should get a break and you keep on learning the things in the same spirit you were learning in the college !

If you are thinking that , ohh , its a design college , Monday to Friday COLLEGE , Saturday and Sunday day long party then you are in advanced trouble ! Its a field where you have to work like a labour and then you become a polished designer !

Design is the field where these reservation , cast or religion does not work ! If you are talented , no matter you belong to a poor or rich family, Hindu or Muslim , THE WORLD WILL REMEMBER YOUR NAME !

Have you ever asked Dilip Chhabria , Manish Malhotra , Rashid karim ,Rohit Bal , Atul Kasbekar , Raj Kumar Hirani about their degrees ? No ! Right ? Because they are excellent at their work !  You also have to become excel in whatever you are doing !

In my next article , I will share my experience with you all and try to explain how to manage your time and before it gets too late you understand how to manage your time and make your next four years full of fun , learning and Joy !


Sumit Saurabh

Director ,

Desizn Circle

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