Dear students ,


Please keep these points in mind before making any of the product :



#maximum usage of materials

#size should not be too small

#the write up

#draw your product and describe it properly

#if its functional you get more marks

#don’t use the materials which is not given or is not asked to bring to the test.

#don’t make designs by using pens and sketch pen over the product

#try to finish your product in 1 hour 35 minutes, keep 15 minutes safe for write up

#if your handwriting is not good , you are not going to get good marks

#read the instruction properly before attempting the question, its possible that they might have changed the pattern of the exam.

#don’t look here and there , concentrate on your work

#be the first one to enter the room and last to leave the room

#don’t lend your stationary to your neighbors in exam.


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