NIFT sample General Awareness questions

desizn circle

 Every question carries 1 marks for correct answer and -0.25 for wrong .

Q1.Actor Jet Li is the brand ambassador of which company ? 

Q2. Actor Leonardo DiCaprio is the brand ambassador of which wrist watch brand ? 

Q3. Apart from Aishwarya Rai which British Actress is the brand ambassador of Longines ? 

Q4.George Clooney is the brand ambassador of which wrist watch company ?

Q5.Nicole Kidman is the brand ambassador of which very famous wrist watch company ?

Q6.Sachin tendulkar advertises which Water purifier company ?

Q7.Sachin Tendulkar advertises which very famous and luxurious wrist watch company?

Q8.Which Indian City host Indian Grand Prix every year ? 

Q9.Which IPL team won IPL season 6 ? 

Q10.What was the name of the cyclone that hit Indian eastern States in late 2013 ?

Q11. Which very famous Bengali film maker passed away in 2013 ?

Q12.Who became the chief ministers of Chattisgarh , Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan in recently held assembly elections in 2013 ? 

Q13.What was the name of The Mars Orbiter Mission Launched by ISRO ?

Q14.Which legendary actor received Dada Saheb Phalke award in 2013 ?

Q15.Who won the men’s single Wimbledon Title in 2013 ?

Q16.First Summer olympic in 1896 was held in which city ?

Q17. Which city is going to host 2016 Summer olympics ?

Q18.Federation Cup is related with which games ?

Q19.Chanderi Sari belong to which state ?

Q20.Tant Saree belong to which state ?

Q21.Most Populated state in India ?

Q22. Least populated state in India ?

Q23.How many union territories are in india ?

Q24 . VAT is a direct tax or indirect tax ?

Q25. Lok sabha elections held in every………… years ? 

Q26. Titan is a sub brand of which company ?

Q27.Pantaloon is owned by which corporate group ?

Q28.Croma retail house is owned by which corporate group ?

Q30. NIFT was established in the year ? 

Q31.How many NIFT centers are in India ?

32.Who is the chief justice of India ?

33. Who is the chief election commissioner of India ? 

34.Who directed the popular film Bhag Milkha Bhag ?

35.Who is the chancellor of Germany ? 

36.TATA Nano is produced in which state ? 

37.Which is the tallest minaret in India ?

38.News Channel Times Now is owned by which group ? 

39.How many seats are in Lok Sabha ?

40. Which is called Upper house in parliament and which is called lower house in parliament ? 

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