Attempt all question . Q1. 35 MARKS , Q2 .35 MARKS , Q3.30 MARKS

Q1. Design a lamp shade and lamp stand for your granny’s bed room . keep in mind the    limitations , design and innovation . (color it , 7 x 7 box ) 


     Design a news room studio set for BBC keeping the Indian theme for background in Mind. 

Q2. Imagine a scene from Indus Valley civilization and draw what you see in the imagination. (No coloring , 7 x 7 box ) 



       Using any of these motifs , convert it into a pattern of a saree. (color it also)


Q3. Design a poster advertising of your news paper vendor.  (7×7 , with color) 


   ReDesign a cover page of any book written by your favorite author . 


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