NID mock paper for 2014 entrance


Attempt all the questions . Read the instructions before attempting it .

Q1. Who is the CEO of Google ?

Q2. Show a funny conversation between a pen and pencil through a cartoon strip in 7′ x 7′ Box .

No coloring required .

Q3. Through 3 different colors show frustration and tradition in two 4′ x 4′ box .

Q4. Name any 5 very famous world painters and write the name of their very popular paintings .

Q5. Write a short note on Anna Hazare movement against corruption .

Q6. What do you understand by EMI ?

Q7. What is the difference between FOG and SMOG ?

Q8. Name any 3 different poisonous snakes found in world ?

Q9. In 4 boxes of 3′ x  3′ show the communication revolution . with color .

Q10. Write a short note on Solar energy ?

Q11. Suggest 3 different ways through drawing ( 3′ x 3′ box ) in which you can conserve energy .

Q12. convert 100$ = …Rs

Q13. What is DVD ROM ? …………

Q14. How many olympic medals did Usain Bolt win till now? …………

Q15. Which American Swimmer has won the maximum number of Olymoic medals in History of Olympic games ?

Q16. Which country will be hosting next Soccer world cup and  Summer Olympic games?

Q17. Who invented Radium ?

Q18. Suggest any 3 ways in which you can check corruption ?

Q19. What is the average weight of a newly born human baby and elephant baby ?

Q20. Guess who is in the image ?

Imagea)Mukesh Ambani b)Anand Mahindra c)Kapil Sibal d)Sunil Bharti Mittal

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