NID mock paper

Q1. Tallest Animal ?

Q2. Indian state with the largest coastline ? 

Q3. Highest waterfall in world ? 

Q4. UNICEF has their headquarters in ?

Q5. Why cigaret smoking is injurious for heath ? 

Q6.Richter scale is used for measuring the ?….

Q7.Chemical formula of Plaster of paris is ?

Q8.The filament of electric bulb is made up of ?

Q9.Elbow joint is ?

Q10.Which blood group is universal donor and which blood group is universal receiver ? 

Q11.Conduction takes place mainly in 

a. Solid b.gases c.liquids d.fluids 

Q12.What is inertia ?

Q13. What is kinetic and potential energy ? describe .

Q14. Who was Manna De ?

Q15. Did Lata Mangeshkar won Bharat Ratna ?

Q16. Draw a Lizards eye view of a bathroom in 7 x 7 inches box . Without color.

Q17. Draw flag of United States of America and China .

Q18.Who is the leader of opposition in Lok Sabha ?

Q19. Draw logo of Air India with color .

Q20. Design a new symbol for american dollar .

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