NID Mock Paper



Read the instructions properly before attempting any question .

Q1. Fill this grid with 4 different colors in some pattern and show Techno .



Q2. Write the name of any 3 movies each directed by Mira Nair and Satyajeet Ray . 

Q3. Redesign the movie poster of Avatar in 8′ x 8′ box with colors . 

Q4. What is marble ? 

Q5.Draw a 3 pin plug in 2 different views in a box of 4′ x 4′ box .no coloring required .

Q6.Enlage a mobile charger 25 times and use it as a decorative piece for your Living room in 7′ x 7′ box with color 

Q7.Draw the logo of DOORDARSHAN .No coloring , 4×4 inches box

Q8. Design a costume for a traffic police keeping in mind that you have to make his job easier .

(7′ X 7′ BOX , with coloring )

Q9. What does PO stands for in PO BOX ? 

Q10. Who is the chairman of TATA group ?

Q11. What is the price of Tata Nano .

Q12. Who the author of 

a.Scope of happiness —

b.Between Hope and History —

c.Godan —

d.Devdas —



g.King Lear–

h.Mahabharata —

i.Ramayana —


Q13. Oldest veda ?

Q14. Name all the 4 vedas–

Q15. Who was the son of King Akbar ?

Q16. Name all the books written by Chetan Bhagat ?

Q17. write the full forms of  UGC , URL , ZIP , WWW , ABP news —

Q18. Design a postal stamp with all detailing on women empowerment with colors.

Q19. Design a credit card with all the detailing .

Q20. Draw a scene of a construction site keeping in mind year 2050 in  mind .



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