General Awareness questions for NID entrance exam . (With Options)  

Q1 . Who is the current finance minister of India ?

a) S.K.Shinde  b)Salman Khursheed c) P.Chidambarm d)Non Of These

Q2 .How many seats are in Indian Lok Sabha ?

a)    545  b)535 c)512 d)450

Q3. Which Is the largest dam in India ?

a)Tehri dam  b)Bhakra Nangal Dam c)Hirakud Dam d)None Of These

Q4 . Frooti is the largest selling mango drink belong to which company ?

a)Pepsi Co  b)coca cola  c)Tropicana d)Parle Agro

Q5.Who Movie won the 60th national award for best hindi feature film in 2013 ?

a)Kahaani  b)Vicky Doner   c)Paan Singh Tomar  d) None Of These

Q6. Which Academy award (Oscars 2013) taken place this year?

a)84th   b)83rd   c)85th   d) 87th

Q7. How many IIT’s are in India ?

a)12  b)15  c)16  d)18

Q8. Largest Populated City in India ?

a)    Delhi  b)Kanpur  c)Mumbai  d)Kolkata

Q9. Longest Running Highway in India ?

a)NH7   b)NH1   c)NH8  d)None of These

Q10. Nestle was formed in 1905 in which country ?

a)Germany  b)USA   c)France   d)Switzerland

Q11. Which among them are not a VITAMIN ?

a)Vitamin K  b)Vitamin T  c)Vitamin b  d)Vitamin A

Q12. Who is the current governor of Reserve Bank Of India ?

a)    D Subbarao  b) montek singh ahluwalia  c)Yashwant Sinha d)Raghuram Rajan

Q13.Who is the CEO of Apple ?

a)Steve Jobs  b)Larry Page  c)Tim Cook  d)Mark Zuckerberg

Q14.Who is the new chief minister of Karnataka ?

a)    K Siddaramaiah  b) Anant Kumar  c) B S Yeddyurappa  d)None Of These

Q15. Who has directed the movie Lagaan which has gone for Oscars ?

a)Karan Johar   b)Yash Chopra  c)Ashutosh Gowarikar  d) Shubash Ghai

Q16 . Yahoo has recently bought which company ?

a)Tumblr  b)Instagram  c)eBay  d)Amazon

Q17 . Which 5 year plan is currently going on in India ?

a)13th  b) 12th   c)11th  d) 15th

Q18) Which is the largest ocean of the world ?

a)    Indian Ocean  b)Atlantic Ocean  c) Arctic Ocean d)None of These

Q19) Golghar in Patna was constructed after

a)Famine of 1770  b)Orrisa Famine of 1866  c)Bengal Famine 1943 d)None Of These

Q20 ) How many states are in India ?

a)27  b)28  c)29   d)30

Q21) Davis Cup is associated with which sports ?

a)Football  b)chess c)table tennis d)none of these

Q22) Which planet has maximum number of satellite ?

b)Mars  b)Saturn  c)Jupiter  d)earth

Q23) Who has written “The discovery of India” ?

    a)Jawahar Lal Nehru  b)Mahatma Gandhi  c)Bhagat Singh  d)Indira Gandhi

Q24) Arvind Kejriwal made his new party , whats the name of his party ?

a)Aam Janta Party  b)Janshakti Party  c)Aam Admi Party  d)None

Q25 ) Which is the capital of Tanzania ?

a)Nairobi b)Dar e salam  c) Kampala  d)None

Q26) Which country is known as the “sugar bowl of The world” ?

a)Mexico   b)India   c)China  d)Cuba

Q27) Who is the Unicef Goodwill ambassador in India ?

a)    Akshay Kumar  b)Rajnikant  c)Amir Khan  d)Salman Khan

Q28 ) Capital of  Republic Of Singapore ?

a)    Bangkok  b) Bali  c)Colombo d)Singapore

Q29)  Who is the Chief of Army In India ?

a)Bikram Singh  b)V K Singh  c)Deepak Kapoor d) Abdul Kalam

Q30 ) How many IPL teams participated in IPL season 6 ?

a)    7  b)8  c)10  d)none

Q31) Which is the largest News Paper In India according to the readership ?

a)Hindustan   b)Deccan Chronicals  c)Dainik Jagran  d)Times Of India

Q32) Who is the Chairman of Infosys ?

a)    N.R.Narayana Murthy b) K.V.Kamath  c) Nandan Nilekani  d)Ratan Tata

Q33) Wolrd environment day celebrated on ?

a)10th June  b)5th June  c)28th Feb  d)1st Dec

Q34) Largest producer of Jute in World ?

a)    India  b)Sri Lanka  c)Bangladesh  d)China

Q35) where is the headquarter of Google ?

a) San Fransisco  b)New York  c)Chicago   d)California

Q36) When did nationalization of Banks take place in India  ?

a)    1951  b)1947  c)1969  d)none

Q37) Headquarter of ILO is in ?

a)    New york  b)Germany  c)Geneva  d)Tokyo

Q38) Who among them has won Noble peace prize ?

a)Barack Obama  b)Mother Teresa c)Nelson Mandela  d)all of them


Q39 ) Who is the law minister of India ?

a)Ashwini Kumar  b)Kapil Sibal  c)Pawan Kumar Bansal  d)Manish Tiwari

Q40) Who was the last Mughal Emperor of India ?

a)    Akbar Shah II  b) Bahadur Shah II  c) Shahjahan III d)None

Q41) Which country won the 19th FIFA Football World Cup ?

a)    Spain  b)Netherland  c) Uruguay d) Germany

Q42) Argentina lies in ?

a)North America  b)South America  c)Asia  d) None

Q43 ) Currency of  UAE is ?

a) Riyal   b) Dirham  c)Euro d)Taka

Q44) Who is the Chancellor of Germany ?

a)    Angela Merkel  b) Helmut Kohl  c)Willy Brandt  d)None

Q45) Highest Airport in India ?

a)    Srinagar  b)Leh  c)Shillong  d)None

Q46 ) Who is known as the father of Economics ?

a)    Karl Marx  b)Amartya Sen  c) Kofi Annan d) None

Q47) Who is the general secretary of UN ?

a)    Kofi Annan  b) Ban Ki moon  c) Boutros Boutros Ghali  d)None

Q48 )Who has written Mahabharata ?

a)Kalidas  b)Vedavyasa  c) Valmiki  d)None

Q49 ) Term of Indian President is ?

a)4 years  b) 6 years  c)5 years  d)none

Q50) Largest country in World by area is ?

a)China   b)USA c)Canada d)None

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