1.Read the instruction properly before the exam .

2.Before attempting any question , check the instructions and marks ALLOTTED FOR THAT QUESTION .Spend or divide your time according to that.If its a 25 marks question , give it more importance and time than a 5 marks questions .

3.Carry a wet tissue paper in case your hands gets dirty .

4.Try to attempt all questions .

5.Dont look here and there during the exam , it is not going to help you in any case .Focus on your paper.

6.Dont lend our stationary to your neighbors during exam .

7 .Keep an eye on the time . 

8.Believe in your self more than anybody else .

9.Read each and every word of the question properly before attempting . Don’t make a blunder just because you have not read the question properly .

10. Carry all the stationary mentioned in your admit card and reach your exam centre attest an hour before the exam starting time .

*Blue/black ball pens

*Pencil color set 
*Lead pencils of different shades
*glue stick
*water color (small set)

11. Here are few links of collage making and paper cutting and pasting samples. You can practice it before going for the exam .

Its just a sample , you can always practice at home , add your creativity in it , try to do it fast and not with a snail speed . 

Link 1. 

Link 2 . 

12.Generally NID gives you an invented question , so don’t get panic if it looks absolute new to you .

Remember , its new for everyone and not only for you . 

Give your best rather than comparing your work with others ! 

So keep calm and attempt the paper ! 

Thank you 

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