NID Mock exam

Total time : 3 hours  

1. Depict your face at the following stages: (15 marks)
a) At 10 years b) At present c) at the age of 40

  1. Imagine that you are a dog , now draw a scene of your surrounding in a rainy season. (12 marks)

  2. Five objective type questions. (10 marks)

    1. a)  Name colors of Rainbow in proper order.

    2. b)  Give colors of any 6 of the materials given below.

      Slate, Gold, Steel, Copper sulphate, Ruby, Emerald, Potassium Sulphate

    3. c)  Leaves are green due to the presence of ____________.

    4. d)  Carrots are orange due to the presence of______________.

    5. e)  Name your favorite color and write how the colors shows your personality.

  3. Draw a human, a pen and a pressure cooker in proportion to each other. (12 marks)

  4. What is another name of “the Citizen’s Ombudsman Bill”? What do you understand from it? (5 marks)

  5. Draw with maximum details of a woman holding a crying child in her arms. Imagine and write consoling in five sentences,

    woman is giving to child (dialogues): (16 marks)

  6. Draw any three objects that causes global warming. (10 marks)

  7. Enlarge a board marker 15 times and depict its two uses. (10 marks)

  8. You are given an object. Give five different uses of the given object. You can imagine the given object in any material of

    your choice. You may use the object any number of times for the suggested use. Convey your ideas through sketches and descriptions. (Hammer – object). (10 marks) 

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