NID entrance mock paper (only creative section)


Attempt all the questions : total time : 2.5 hours.  Start time: ……………… end time ……………pm

  1. From your memory design a key chain for a tourist who come to india .(5’x5’ box, with colour,10 marks)
  2. Make a cartoon of your own imagination giving him/her a suitable name who can save this world . (7’ x 7’ , with color, 10 marks )
  3. Design a vintage telephone. ( 7’x 7’ , no colouring,10 marks)
  4. Design the map of united states of America and show 5 important cities.(20 marks, 7’x7’ box , no colour)
  5. Design a garment on the theme environment for your female model. (7’ x 7’ , 10 marks,colour req, draw the garment on the model)
  6. Draw a  scene of a monument in 8’x7’ box (no colouring, 15 marks)
  7. Draw a multi utility charger ( no color, 5’ x 5’ box, 5 marks)
  8.  write 5 keywords coming in your mind by looking at this creature and mention his features. (in 100 words,without spelling mistakes,10 marks)
  9. After looking at the creature of question number 8, design a new creature who can fight with him . (10 marks, with colour, 8’x8’ box)


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