Instructions :

Time: 2 hours

Do every question in 7′ x 7′ box . If you want us to evaluate your paper, scan and send your paper at .

1.Draw a scene of a railway station and color it using only 3 colors . (30 marks)

2.Redraw the composition given below and convert it into a poster advertising a vintage car .

(20 marks , color it , marks will be given to the one who will make it more innovative)


3. Draw a innovative design of a car, along with that show all sides of the car and also the interior of it . (30 marks . no coloring required)

example : (do not make same)

5 8 6 4 3

4. Given is an image of a traditional clay vessel for drinking water storage.Redesign this product for the modern age generation and it should be innovative in itself and the design should be drawn by taking an inspiration . (20 marks , do color this question)


(All the images used in the question paper are taken from google . In case of any copyright issue kindly mail us , it will be removed immediately)

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